San Bernardino County: An Integrated Behavioral Health Capacity Assessment

The attached slides provide an overview of the results of an Integrated Behavioral Health Capacity Assessment conducted for the Community Clinic Association of San Bernardino County Integrated Safety Net Partnership. The goals of this project were for San Bernardino County safety net partners to work together to create a streamlined, accessible continuum of care that puts the patient and their goals at the center of care across all systems, and advances a whole health orientation across the community.

The Outcomes identified if the Vision of this project is achieved include :

  • Enhanced access to evidenced based, quality care
  • Reduced silos and fragmentation
  • Families and communities have the knowledge, tools and community support to stay healthy
  • Patients are empowered and health literacy improved
  • Shared accountability across agencies -- care coordination for whole person centered health
  • Families and communities will view healthcare as a priority and utilize community services.